Be Calm is the go-to platform for creating more calm and presence in your life. Our customised, one-on-one coaching aims to help you experience more peace, enjoyment and gratitude in your life. We offer simple, kind daily rituals, products and tips to help you create a sustainable daily routine – making life feel less stressful and anxiety-ridden.
The pressure of digital demands, relationships, work and studies have made us feel stressed, tired and demotivated. You shouldn’t have to go through life without a sense of enjoyment. Be Calm was created to support and encourage people of all ages, from all walks of life, to live a less stressed life by adding a sense of calm and peace to their day-to-day.
Be Calm offers personalised coaching for individuals, teams and leaders, pilates, content writing, and retreats. The approach is around connecting mind and body, so that you’re able to be more aware of who you are, how you feel and where you are going in life. Our services are designed to help you live with less stress and anxiety, and a deeper sense of peace and calm.
Everyone has different needs, and that’s why we take the time to come up with a plan that is just for you.
The one-on-one coaching takes place virtually via Zoom. Once the initial meeting has been scheduled and completed, we will get back to you within one week with your customised Be Calm plan.
How much time do you spend on things that don’t fulfil you? Don’t wait to find a sense of calm and purpose in your life. The recommended amount of coaching sessions will depend on your requirements that are determine from your initial meeting. Let’s take it one step at a time – we work around your schedule.
Though it could be seen as an investment initially, you will end up saving on “damage control” later on when stress has taken over and burnt you out. There is no price on building the foundation for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.
Connecting your mind and body is natural for everyone. “Mind-body” is simply that – being aware of how you feel, what you need and acting upon that, rather than letting stress and external pressures dictate your actions. If you take the time to listen and be aware, you will find this true. Because of our busy lifestyles, we’ve lost touch of what our mind and body need.
We don’t think that having the tools to live a fulfilling and generous life is luxurious, but rather a step towards building a foundation for self-discovery, peace and joy. Luxury could be a by-product if that is what you are after.
You don’t have to have a particular “issue” to learn and apply the Be Calm principles. It’s for everyone; with the intention of creating happier, healthier and more calm lives – no matter who you are, or what you’ve been through.